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Planning, Landscape Architecture & Urban Design Services

Public and private sector clients from around the world look to Golder for award winning site development, property redevelopment, master planning, detailed design, urban design and infrastructure services.

Our global experience and local in-depth knowledge of your physical and regulatory environments allows us to creatively address your planning and design challenges -- from parks, recreation and culture planning to environmental design for watershed and rainwater management, stream stewardship and habitat restoration.

Golder offers an integrated, multidisciplinary approach and comprehensive services at all stages of the project. Project fundamentals include engaging stakeholders early, conducting thorough social and scientific assessments and balancing economic and environmental responsibilities.

Masterplanning and landscape architecture for sustainable development and vibrant communities naturally follow. Our teams are supported by strong in-house complementary skills in ecology, cultural heritage, GIS and high-end graphic renderings and simulations to assist in the process.

Above all, Golder's team brings the following to each client's design solution:

  • A passion to create meaningful places and sustainable solutions
  • Innovative, creative, thorough and original planning and design skills

You'll find a closer look at our multidisciplinary approach, implementation and results across a variety of industries in these key project summaries.  

Property Development & Redevelopment Services

Whether your development is a greenfield or a brownfield initiative, Golder can support your team with detailed ground investigations and associated site characterisation studies -- identifying the information available to help with your planning and design decisions.

Some of our early-stage work might include:

  • Ground engineering and environmental services
  • Environmental and social impact assessment
  • Liabilities, probabilistic cost estimation, decision analysis, and information management
  • Permitting and stakeholder engagement
  • Site remediation, human health and ecological risk assessment
  • Mine rehabilitation, quarry rehabilitation and biodiversity

As needed, our teams draw upon the expertise of fellow Golder professionals to address specific needs and challenges such as ecology (terrestrial, freshwater and marine), water resource management, air quality, contaminant site investigation, acoustics and noise control, and environmental engineering.

Landscape Architecture & Urban Design

We've developed a strong masterplanning and urban design capability through the delivery of sustainable community plans and projects around the world - often encompassing specialised water resource, waste, carbon and energy management plans and systems.

Our full spectrum of services includes:

  • Sustainable community design and climate adaptation plans
  • Planning, design, landscape architecture, renovation and property alteration
  • Masterplanning and infrastructure design
  • Site planning and land use compatibility analysis
  • Strategic urban regeneration
  • Sustainability appraisal
  • Planning policy and land use
  • Landscape and visual impact assessment
  • Urban and landscape design, parks and recreation
  • Urban design guidelines
  • Cultural heritage landscape assessment and restoration
  • Ecological restoration including natural channel design, wetland creation, woodlot edge restoration and bio-engineering techniques for slope and shoreline stabilisation
  • Asset management plans for outdoor natural and cultural resources
  • Urban planning: official plan, zoning review and amendment
  • Expert witness testimony

Specialised Expertise

We also have expertise in the following areas that provide design guidelines and criteria into numerous project types:

  • Universal Accessibility
  • Sea Level Rise
  • Resilient Landscapes
  • Wind/Sun/Shadow/Microclimate Studies
  • Crime Preventation through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Sustainable Development, including energy efficiency through master planning and repurposing/adaptive reuse.

Diverse Portfolio

In addition to major industries such as power and oil and gas, Golder's clients also include:

  • Government agencies
  • Regional development agencies
  • Local authorities
  • Educational institutions
  • Urban land development including: residential, institutional, industrial and commercial development
  • Real estate companies
  • Key consulting firms including: Engineering, Architectural, Planning, Law

Related Services

Golder's Planning, Landscape Architecture & Urban Design Team often collaborates with other key service areas throughout the company such as:

Global Network, Local Solutions.

Golder's global databases and online networking facilitate technology and knowledge transfer among Golder's 8,000 professionals located in 180 offices on six continents. Team members can draw upon the latest technological advances and global best practices from around the world as needed your project.

Explore more about Golder's capabilities and services in your area and around the globe.

Software Development

At Golder, we have developed industry leading software programs that we routinely use for the assessment of key environmental issues affecting our clients. Some of these software programs include the following:

Sustainability decision support tool
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