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We’re a global, employee-owned organisation providing independent consulting, design and construction services in our specialist areas of earth, environment and energy.

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Golder News

SMART Green Program

Qualified Technical Service Provider of the SMART Green Program

Nov 7, 2016

The SMART Green Program will be officially launched November 8, 2016, during the Energy 2016 conference, and Golder Associates is proud to be one of the few approved Qualified Technical Service Providers (QTSP). The SMART Green Program is...Read more

Louise Menard

A Perspective on Canadian Consulting Engineering – Here and Now with Louise Ménard

Nov 1, 2016

Not a day goes by that we don't hear of the construction of a new highway, a mine undergoing a project expansion, or rumours of a new technology poised to reduce our carbon emissions. Engineering at its best is all around us! The Association of...Read more

GEOpardy! 2016 Showcases the Next Generation of Geotechnical Engineering Practitioners

Oct 25, 2016

In its ongoing commitment to supporting and investing in the development of new talent, Golder Associates organised the 6th edition of the GEOpardy! challenge, which took place during the 69th annual conference of the Canadian Geotechnical Society...Read more

Niels Strufe

Greenland turning on charm

Oct 27, 2016

Greenland has a mineral-rich geological terrain and many associated business opportunities. As a self-governing entity of the Kingdom of Denmark, Greenland has made significant headway in progressing the opportunities presented by their...Read more

Roberto Mezzalama

Out now! The Zofnass Program for Planning Sustainable Cities

Oct 25, 2016

“Planning Sustainable Cities: An infrastructure-based approach providing an analytical framework for urban sustainability, focusing on the services and performance of infrastructure systems” was the message conveyed from the authors of...Read more

Golder is proud to be employee-owned - Congratulations 2016 Principals and Associates

May 2, 2016

When Hugh Golder established the firm in 1960, he created a model based on his belief that as owners, employees would have a stronger commitment to delivering the very best solutions for clients. The shared ownership model has grown and more than...Read more